Horry enjoying retirement …for now

I normally try and keep this to Lakers news, but since this is Robert Horry we’re talking about, Laker hero and then Laker killer, I thought I’d make an exception and point out a great little update on Big Shot Bob in the San Antonio Express-News.

Here’s an excerpt:

“My body just knows when it’s time for training camp,” he said. “Physically and mentally, it’s still there. I couldn’t see not being a part of one.”

What Horry can still see is a call, perhaps in February or March, from a title contender in need of a savvy veteran for the stretch run. The Celtics signed 38-year-old P.J. Brown out of retirement last season on Feb. 28. He helped them win the 2008 title.

Horry’s playoff savvy and proven ability to make a big shot should make him every bit as valuable an addition next February as Brown was then. He promises to stay in good enough shape to come out of retirement if the call comes.

“I won’t be filing official retirement papers any time soon, that’s for sure,” Horry said. “You’ll probably see me on somebody’s roster before the season is over.”

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    We will see you in the purple and gold baby!

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