Odom and Phil

OK, so what’s really going on behind the Lamar Odom-Phil Jackson situation? Is it a story or a trial ballon? Another Phil Jackson Jedi-mind trick? Or a real, major rift in their relationship?

And is Phil really even serious about having Lamar come off the bench? Or is this more like the idea he floated the idea of starting Ronny Turiaf last season?

It’s way too early to draw any real conclusions, but here’s a little background I dug up while reading through some of my notes from last season (this conversation took place before Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals in Utah) that speaks to the nature and health of Odom and Jackson’s relationship.

“Phil is different and I guess if you know him, I guess (you need to) know him to understand him, and I feel like I know him,” Odom said. “We talk all the time, about all kinds of stuff, about life, everything…”

Odom was then asked how he and Jackson communicate on the court, how Jackson lets him know if he’s pleased with the way Odom is playing or not.

“I don’t expect him to say, `Oh, Great game Lamar.’ But he lets me know in his own way. Mostly with eye contact. During the games, me and Phil make a lot of eye contact. He kind of lets me know through his eye contact how I’m doing, what I need to work on.

“The bad look is like a strong look, and then a quick look away. The good look is a strong look that kind of stays on you and gets it across, keep doing what you’re doing.”

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