Derek’s plan

Derek Fisher has picked up more than a few tricks in his 12 seasons in the league. How to take charges without completely selling out his body, how to draw fouls or lead a team. But this summer he picked something new up.

After the Lakers long, deep playoff run, and with his odometer sitting at age 34, Fisher knew he needed a different approach to his offseason training. Going full-out, six days a week was going to be pushing it.

Instead, he went hard four days a week, then rested and recovered the other three. The results were fantastic.

“It was actually probably my best summer, if not the best in terms of how my body felt overall,” Fisher said. “I didn’t feel weak or run down or anything.

“The biggest difference is the way I approached my training. I used to feel like I had to go hard, 5-6 days a week. Now I just make it four days and take three days off.

“I try to convince Phil to approach my usage in practice that way, to practice a few days then have a few days off, but it’s not quite working that way yet.”

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