Harsh Critique

So, how did Lamar Odom’s trial run at point forward go Tuesday night? Apparently the Lakers won’t be cutting him much slack as he adjusts to his new role (s).

“Fair to middlin, maybe even poor,” assistant coach Kurt Rambis said after Tuesday’s exhibition loss to the Utah Jazz. “He didn’t seem focused out there.”

When told of Rambis’ assessment, Odom tried to laugh it off and seemed to take it in stride.

“It’s the first game of the year, ain’t nobody want to score a career high the first game of the year,” he said. “There’s no need to be frustrated. He’s my coach. Coach is always right.”

Teammate Kobe Bryant got a good chuckle too.

“Sheesh, it’s one preseason game,” Bryant said. “(Lamar’s) fine.”

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