Bynum’s shoes


No, this post isn’t going to be all about Andrew Bynum’s shoes. But it was kind of funny when he came out after practice wearing size 18 Uggs slippers.

Bynum left the Honda Center Tuesday night without speaking to reporters. No big deal. He’s only 20 years old, after all. But still, inquiring minds wanted to know how his first game since mid-January felt.

“It felt great. It was definitely fun just to get back out there and play,” Bynum said. “I still haven’t gotten to play with Pau (who only played a few minutes Tuesday). I’m looking forward to that. But all I can say is that in practice, when we’re together, we haven’t lost a game. ”

Then he offered his thoughts on why Lakers coach Phil Jackson was calling his interactions on the court with Gasol “clumsy.”

“It is a little confusing sometimes. You have a guy who played 5 all last season and I’ve been playing the 5 here the last three years, so we run to same block sometimes,” Bynum said. “We just need to talk about how we’re going to do things, as far as giving each other space, not crowding each other, not posting up on top of each other.”

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