Phil Jackson returns

After skipping last night’s exhibition game versus the Utah Jazz, Lakers coach Phil Jackson was back at the team’s practice facility Wednesday and well enough to put the team through an extended practice. Jackson said that the cause of the swelling and soreness in his lower legs is still “mysterious” and didn’t commit to attending tommorrow night’s exhibition against the Clippers in Fresno. A decision on whether Jackson will accompany the team on its flight to Fresno will be made in the morning, according to Lakers spokesman John Black.

Jackson appeared to be in good spirits Wednesday. He sat on a large, foam pad for most of practice –which isn’t uncommon — but walked over to the team afterwards and addressed them on the court.

“He was messing with me, poking fun at me, like he always does,” Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic said. “I thought that was a good sign.”

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  • JW in Phoenix

    He probably has blood clots. I have had hip replacements and they resulted in blood clots down the road. Swelling, soreness, and redness in the legs quite often mean clots. Hopefully his doctors were bright enough to check that out. Even though I am not a fan of his, clots can take you out in a New York Minute, and I would hate to see that happen…even to a Laker.