Staples open house

The Lakers held an open practice for 1,200 or so season ticket holders Wednesday at Staples Center, lulling their fans into a near-comatose state while performing drills to start the workout and then bringing them to the edge of their seats during a lively scrimmage.
Kobe Bryant concluded the scrimmage by accepting a lob pass from Lamar Odom and dunking, bringing the fans to their feet. Sensing it was probably a good idea to end the workout then and there, Phil Jackson halted the practice.
“I’m not a daytime television actor so I don’t know much about performing in front of live audiences on a regular basis,” Derek Fisher said of practicing in front of the fans. “It was different. I think Phil tries to set up the practice in a way that’s more entertaining. This is no way close to a representation of the practices we’ve been having. No. We’d still be here for a couple of hours.”

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