More Bynum

I did some checking on a few of the figures we’ve seen connected with Andrew Bynum’s potential extension. First off, it should always be noted that the potential maximum extension Bynum could sign is 5 years, $88 million is just that, potential. It is contingent upon the salary cap and where it’s set.

With normal growth of about 5 percent, that’s what it would be. However, that’s normal growth and we are not exactly in a normal growth cycle economically in this country. With no “growth” the max Bynum could sign for would be $83.2 million.

Also, there are several reports out there saying the Lakers are hoping to land Bynum for closer to $78 million. I just spoke to a league source, with knowledge of the negotiations, who said that the Lakers and Bynum are “so far off on money that they haven’t even talked `years’ yet.” In other words, if the Lakers are hoping to land Bynum for around $78 million, which could indeed be the case (the Lakers had no official comment today) that hasn’t been communicated to Bynum’s camp yet.

If and when they do talk years, there is always the possibility that Bynum could sign a contract that gives him the potential of becoming a free agent after three years, as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh did a few years ago. That’s advantageous because after seven years in the league, a player can sign a maximum contract for 25 percent of the salary cap. After eight years, that maximum contract can be for 30 percent of the salary cap.

I’ll have a longer breakdown of the Bynum situation later tonight so check back around midnight.

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