Roster cuts by Tuesday

Not that it’s a huge deal, considering how deep the Lakers are this year, but Phil Jackson reminded everyone that the Lakers must trim their roster down to 15 by Tuesday. It currently sits at 18, so the guys on the bubble are likely: CJ Giles, Brandon Heath, Coby Karl and Joe Crawford.

Giles has looked impressive and athletic in the few times we’ve seen him pay in practice and exhibition games, and Phil Jackson has spoken glowingly about him on several occasions. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll make the team.

“He’s really talented young man,” Jackson said of Giles. “He has recognition troubles sometimes but he’s the only one who really wasn’t here during our summer league. He came in right before preseason started so he didn’t have the opportunity to learn as much as the other guys so he’s been behind a little bit, but his athleticism makes up for it.”

Contracts also figure into the equation. Giles and Heath are free agents, with no guaranteed money. Sun Yue received $100,000 after passing his physical and becomes fully guaranteed for the rest of the year if he’s on the opening day roster. Karl becomes guaranteed if he’s on the roster January 9, as does Josh Powell.

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