Advantage: Kobe

It was subtle this time, but apparently MVP status doesn’t make Kobe Bryant immune from a few jabs from his ever-pugilistic coach Phil Jackson. Friday in practice, Jackson commented that Bryant’s shot still seemed a bit flat to him, and that Bryant might still be a little tired from all his summer activities.

“Kobe still looks to me like his legs might be a little tired,” Jackson said.

Well, Saturday night Bryant answered that jibe both on and off the court, scoring a team-high 28 points on 10-of-14 shooting in the Lakers 108-104 win over FC Barcelona. Then afterwards in the locker room, when I playfully asked him what he’d thought of Jackson’s comments about him, Bryant laughed, shrugged his shoulders, then said: “I think it’s the other way around to be honest with you. I think Phil’s a little tired. I feel fantastic.”

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