Sasha’s going to give it a try

Sasha Vujacic said Sunday night that he’s going to try and return to practice on Monday. How much he’ll be able to do is still to be determined.

“I’m going to see what I can do. It may not be 5-on-5 stuff,” he said Sunday.“We’ll just have to see.”

Vujacic sprained his ankle on the first day of camp. At the time, it was thought to be a minor issue. But when it was slow to heal, more tests were done and team doctors concluded he had what is called an avulsion fracture, which is when a tendon or ligament pulls away thin piece of bone is pulled away, and would miss 10-14 days.

Well, it hasn’t even been a week and Vujacic is already trying to make a return. Though judging by how anxious he seemed to get back into practice last week during practice, it’s not all that surprising.

Vujacic was constantly working out, whether it was biking, swimming or lifting weights. He’d shoot free throws or 3-pointers after practice and was still one of the last guys to leave the Lakers training facility every day.

Basically, because his contract took a little while to get done over the summer, Vujacic only went home to Slovenia for seven days. Then he was back in LA, working on his game and getting ready for training camp. After all that, with the excitement around the Lakers season at a fever pitch, he gets hurt on the first day of practice.

The Lakers have three exhibition games this week. Sasha wouldn’t commit to how many he’d play in, but said his goal was to get some rhythm back before the Lakers season opener on October 28.

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