Good evening, San Diego!

The Lakers are set to take on the Charlotte Bobcats in the sixth of their eight exhibition games this month. They’re here in San Diego, one of America’s finest cities, playing inside the beat-up and beat-down San Diego Sports Arena.
The Clippers used to play here.
The San Diego State Aztecs used to play here, too.
The old barn is now more famous for playing the role of a 1970s arena in the movie “Almost Famous,” Cameron Crowe’s autobiographical film about his teenage years writing for Rolling Stone magazine in the early ’70s. Funny thing, it doesn’t look like they have updated much of anything in the place since the ’70s.
For instance, there’s a giant mural of the late “Greatful Dead” guitarist Jerry Garcia on one of the walls near the press workroom. So the arena has that going for it.
Rock on!

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