Coby’s viewpoint

Right now, second-year guard Coby Karl is the bubble boy around Lakers camp. Will he or won’t he make the team this year? It’s incredible pressure to be under, but having been around this kind of stuff his whole life –his dad is George Karl, coach of the Denver Nuggets — Coby has some idea of the decisions and factors involved.

“I think it’s hard actually because I know the processes the coaches go through,” he said. “I know that sometimes even if they do like a player, they have to get rid of him. … My dad went through that a couple years ago in Denver with a couple players. I understand that. It’s tough to understand those things, but I love these guys and the opportunity I’ve been given here in Los Angeles and I hope I continue to have that opportunity.”

Karl’s contract doesn’t become fully guaranteed until January 10. He’s only partially guaranteed up to $100,000, which, if he makes the team, he’d hit rather quickly. In some ways, this is a good thing for Karl because it gives the club the flexibility to keep him around without the obligation of paying him an entire year right now. In other words, it gives them more time to decide if they want to keep him around. Let’s say a couple guards get hurt this season, it would be beneficial for him still to be on the team. Then, on January 10, the team decides whether it still needs him for the stretch run.

“Yeah, it gives the organization some flexibility, and it gives me more of an opportunity to be around and make good impression on them,” Karl said.

Karl said that he’s been working on his strength, defense and maximizing his scoring opportunities. But that the biggest thing he needs to do, right now, is just hit (outside) shots.

“I think currently it’s making shots,” he said. “I haven’t been able to do that this year yet, but I think my track record has shown that I can hit shots.”

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