Here’s something you didn’t know about Andrew Bynum

I’d heard a few weeks ago that Andrew Bynum is a car guy. Normally in the NBA, that means a guy spends a bunch of his rookie contract on fancy, tricked out, fast cars. But in Bynum’s case there’s a little more to it. Apparently, when he grows up, or finishes his NBA career, whichever comes first, Big Drew wants to become a mechanical engineer and build cars.

“I like cars alot. I work with them on the weekends,” he said. “That’s something I think I want to get into after I’m done playing. Maybe go to school and become like a mechanical engineer.

“I really like it. I like how they work.”

These days, Bynum can be seen scooting around town in either a Yukon Denali, his BMW M-6 or Nissan Skyline.

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