Election Day

Good thing Tuesday is an off day for the Lakers.

There’s practice in the morning, but everything should be wrapped up in time for everyone to get home and watch the election results roll in.

Over the past few months, like it has been all across the country, the presidential election has been a hot topic in the Lakers locker room.

“We’ve talked about it a lot,” point guard Derek Fisher said. “Some heated discussions, some in jest, some serious discussions between players and staff.”

Here’s more of what Fisher had to say:

“Tommorrow is a huge day for our country and the world at large, we’re in very serious and trying times. The united states is really the centerpiece of what happens around the world so tommorrow’s election will matter for millions and millions of people

“The general consensus is…one side of the group feels strongly about one party and one candidate and the other part of the group feels strongly about the other party and the other candidate.”

On dealing with dissenters:

“Everyone has valid points. That’s the great part of our country is that no matter what party you’re from, your opinion still counts

“I think we have a high number of people that are rolling with me, but i dont’ know if its because I’m the oldest guy on the team and they’re just following my opinion or they really believe in what’s going to happen.

On the whole campaign:
“It’s been fun. It’s been a fun process. I’m hopeful that the results will be legitimate and actual, and that no matter who is president, everbody can get behind him and push him in the way we’re going to need to be pushed in terms of getting our country back on the right track.”

On whether NBA players are more politically involved now?

“We have a very young league, it’s transitioning a lot in recent years. When Kobe and I first came in in the late 1990s, you had a higher number of veteran players, lot of guys who have already voted in one or two elections in the past. Now we have a lot of guys in the league who are just turning 21, this is their first go-round, having an opportunity to make their voice heard and their opinion heard about what direction our country shoud go in.

“It’s been exciting. Hopefully the election results are not the end of the discussion though. No matter who is president, there’s still a lot to talk about in terms of what we need to do in order to better our country.”

On whether he’d be interested in politics someday?

“Nah, that’s a much higher stakes game than what I play. Basketball is easy compared to what those men and women have to go through. I’ll stay away from that one.”

On his political involvement in the past versus now?

“In the past, the last time I was really wanted to be involved in the political process was back when Governor Clinton was coming out of Arkansas back in 1992, I’d just turned 18.

“My eyes and ears were kind of intrigued by what took place. But then I moved out here to California, and I’d hear bits and pieces of things. Obviously the presidential elections were always big. But I hadn’t spent a lot of time in a day to day learning of the real political process.

“But over the last couple of years, as this race has really heated up, my interest continued to explode.

“My youngest kids being 2 and having a daughter who is 6 and a step-son who is 13. The next four to eight years for them are just mind-bogglingly crucial in terms of our educational system and our judicial system. So many decisions that are going to be made by this next president, justices that are going to be appointed to the Supreme Court, roe v wade, there are going to be a lot of things that are going to impact, directly me and my families’ decisions. So that was a big motivating factor in terms of wanting to get involved.”

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