Lakers biggest admirer?

Judging from his post-game comments, that would be Baron Davis. Here’s what he had to say following the Lakers 106-88 win on Wednesday night.

“They’re definitely good. They go 10 deep and they have the trust they’ve built over the years and you can see that. They were able to trust each other down the stretch and we’re still a work in progress.

“I just think they kind of just wore us out. They’re a lot deeper than we are and they’re a better team. Period, end of story. They’re kind of built for those situations. Six minutes to go, they know how to buckle down and where to to go and what to do and how to tighten up defensively, at the six minute mare we kind of broke down a little bit. Once they got the lead to 10 and we started to get a glaze in our eyes and confused and sloppy. We got sloppy as they got more and more consistent.”

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