Light day, not off day

The straw poll ended up about 50-50 on whether the Lakers would practice this morning after winning their back-to-back games in Dallas and New Orleans. But judging by the serious tone Phil Jackson has established so far this season, I wasn’t shocked he had the team in for a light practice this morning.

“To be perfect you have to be out here and go,” forward Lamar Odom.

In other words, Jackson his keeping his foot on the gas pedal as long as he can. And with a relatively soft schedule coming up, he needs to if the team is to avoid a let down against some of the lesser opponents who are due into Staples Center in the next week or two.

Still, Jackson was cognizant of his players mental and physical state after a tough back-to-back. He excused the starters from scrimmage, though they were still in attendance for practice.

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