Practice tidbits

There were a couple of injury updates to report after Sunday’s workout.

Derek Fisher had sore ribs after chasing Detroit’s Allen Iverson around picks Friday. Fisher was unable to participate in all of Sunday’s practice.

Vladimir Radmanovic suffered a contusion on his left thigh near the end of practice. The Lakers expect to know more about his injury today.

Sasha Vujacic made it through practice without a setback after he sprained his right ankle in Friday’s game. He sprained his left ankle during training camp.

Also, Phil Jackson said he has no idea why the Lakers are shooting only 44.2 percent.

“We talked about the rhythm of shots and their comfort zone,” he said. “We started out that game (Friday’s loss to Detroit) and it was 12-2 (in favor of the Pistons), and guys had wide-open shots and didn’t make them.

“I was upset after the game about the quality of shots. The quantity was certainly there, but the quality wasn’t. Looking back at it, maybe they weren’t as tough as I thought they were. I think we had better shots and we should have shot a better percentage than we did.”

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