Shaq hugs Phil … no, really!

Lakers coach Phil Jackson was in the midst of his pregame session with reporters, just outside the visitors’ locker room and the Suns’ practice court at US Airways Center. He was speaking about Shaquille O’Neal when who should appear out of nowhere but the Big Guy himself, sweating profusely after a pregame workout on the practice court.

O’Neal brushed past reporters and hugged his former coach, whispering something in his ear as reporters stood back and gaped. In an instant, a budding feud was over and done. Actually, it was over and done Wednesday when O’Neal took back his comment of last week that Jackson had designed the feud between O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

O’Neal was unavailable for immediate comment before the game, but he’s sure to say a lot after the game. Jackson only laughed when asked what O’Neal whispered to him.

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