Calling all Titan fans

Yep, that was the same Bobby Brown.

The former Cal State Fullerton star had a career-high 21 points for the Sacramento Kings in their loss to the Lakers Sunday night. He made eight of 13 shots, dished out seven assists and generally made his way to the basket whenever he wanted.

Not bad for a guy who was playing in Germany last season at this time.

“What day is it? November 23rd? Last year I was probably in some small gym somewhere in Germany,” Brown said, with a little laugh.

But Brown wasn’t just collecting a paycheck while he was over there. He was learning about defense, pick-and-rolls, and how to be a professional point guard.

“My coach over there, Luka Pavicevic, helped me a lot,” Brown said. “Going over there was definitely worth it. I valued it a lot. We played against good teams, I travelled all around, it was good for a kid just coming out of college.”

When he came back to the United States over the summer, he’d taken a gigantic step forward. During the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, Brown’s play began turning heads across the league.

New Orleans’ Chris Paul even called to help persuade him to sign with the Hornets and be his back-up. Warriors coach Don Nelson came to almost every one of his games. But in the end, it was the Kings who won his services, signing Brown to a two-year guaranteed deal.

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