Vlade will play

Vladimir Radmanovic’s right eye looks pretty bad. It’s filled with blood. It’s black and blue. But apparently, he can still see out of it well enough to shoot so he’s going to give it ago tonight in the Lakers game against the Sacramento Kings.

Vlade got poked in the eye by Denver’s Carmelo Anthony in Friday’s win over the Nuggets.

The Lakers were off Saturday, so Radmanovic doesn’t know exactly how well he’ll be able to shoot with the large orange protective sunglasses he needs to wear. But he thinks it will be OK.

While his teammates are sympathetic, his gruesome looking eye has been an easy target for jokes in the locker room.

Lamar Odom’s locker is right near Vlade’s and as reporters came over to ask about the injury, LO cracked, “I told you to stop messing with me, Vlad.”

DJ Mbenga said he thought Vlad was going to look like U2 frontman Bono tonight.

Vlad himself probably had the best description of the injury, “Very vampirish,” he said, while pointing to the bloody corner of his eye.

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