Postgame comments

Kobe Bryant scored a season-low 12 points, and the Lakers still won by 27 points. Bryant shot only 5-for-17, and the Lakers still won without a worry.

Asked what it said about the Lakers, Bryant said, “It says we’re a good team. We did a good job defensively. The first half we were a little shaky, but the second half was much better. We just had to get used to what they were doing.”

Lakers coach Phil Jackson had mixed feelings about winning so handily without Bryant contributed much of note offensively. Said Jackson:

“It’s a good sign, a healthy sign. But we want Kobe to shoot the ball well and have good games, obviously. That’s the focal point of our offense. We want him to be the threat that everyone has to overplay and be concerned with because that makes everyone else have an easier game.”

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