Latest round of praise

I always make sure and check the quote sheets after every Lakers game now-a-days, just to see what kind of flattery the opposing coach will heap on the Lakers on their way out of Staples Center.

Here’s what Dallas coach Rick Carlisle said:

“The Lakers are one of those teams that statistically when they don’t look like they are playing well, they still find ways to beat you. ”

Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki went a little further even.

“You know they are going to make a run in their own building. They picked up the energy. On defense they put Ariza in there and Kobe in there at the 2 and 3. They are so long; for a while there we didn’t get any good shots. That’s where they made their run. We still had our chances there. We played well for three quarters and then just weren’t good enough in the fourth. We let Kobe beat us one-on-one. It’s tough. He’s the best player in the world. They just picked us apart at the end.”