Worst Draft in History?

So I’m watching the Lakers-Raptors game here at Staples Center, excited to see just how good Chris Bosh is this season in person and witness the development of Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft who has taken a little while to translate his game to the NBA.

No sooner do I start typing this blog post than Bargnani airballs a 3-pointer. Yeesh. Anyone can do that of course, and Bargnani does look a lot more comfortable out there than in the past. But still.

It got me curious about the 2006 Draft Class as a whole, who the Raptors could’ve had instead, who the best players ended up being and I have to say, top-to-bottom, that 2006 class was pretty wretched.

Bargnani went No. 1 overall, LaMarcus Aldridge went No. 2, followed by Adam Morrison, Tyrus Thomas and Shelden Williams.

Aldridge is the only one of that group not looking like a bust.

No. 6-10 yielded a little more bountiful crop with Brandon Roy at No. 6 and Rudy Gay at No. 8. But in between, the Celtics took Randy Foye, the Warriors took Patrick O’Bryant and the team formerly known as the Sonics took Mouhamed Sene.

The second 10 are even worse. J.J. Redick went No. 11 to Orlando (bet they wish they could have that one back?), Hilton Armstrong went No. 12 to the Hornets, Thabo Sefolosha went No. 13 to the Sixers and some guy named Cedric Simmons went No. 15 to New Orleans.

You don’t find anyone who has remotely developed into an impact player until later in the first round, when the Celtics snagged Rajon Rondo at No. 21 and the Lakers drafted Jordan Farmar at No. 26.