Fisher weighs in on Marbury mess

Derek Fisher has more than enough to keep him busy with the Lakers, but as president of the NBA Players Association, he has diverted a bit of that focus to the morass of issues swirling around the Knicks and embattled guard Stephon Marbury.

The two parties met in New York on Monday to try and discuss a resolution to the quickly degenerating situation.

The Knicks had deactivated Marbury in the early part of the season, but required him to attend all team activities. Late last week the team suspended him without pay for one game for refusing to play in two games earlier in the week. Marbury disputes that allegation.

“It’s just a bad situation. It’s a no-win situation,” Fisher said. “I think the main thing is just that teams don’t take advantage of the employee-employer relationship, that they don’t try to pile on with fines and suspensions.

“I think the best thing for all sides is for there to be some resolution. What exactly that is, I won’t know that until I’m briefed on how the meetings go. But I think that’s the best thing for all parties involved.

“They’ve got to figure something out so everyone can move on.”

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