“Luke, take Vlad’s spot”

“Luke, take Vlad’s spot.”

That’s how Vladimir Radmanovic found out he was being replaced in the starting lineup –for Wednesday night at least — by Luke Walton. And he wasn’t thrilled about it.

“I found out this morning at shoot-around but besides that, nothing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for Luke. We’re all good friends here. So I’m happy to see him get a chance to play. I can only imagine how he felt, not playing all these games. … I expected at least some explanation.”

Radmanovic left the Lakers locker room before reporters were let in the room. His teammates understood his frustration, but felt that he’d be OK.

“You just got to stay on him, pick him up,” Kobe Bryant said. “He’ll be fine. I mean obviously he’s probably a little taken aback from going from playing whatever minutes to not playing at all. But he’ll be fine.”

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  • christian

    I am a die hard laker fan. Do not get me wrong. I like walton and Vladamir. I do not think Walton should be starting, only because Vladdy is doing extremly well! I want Walton to be in just not as a starter.