Bryant points to Boston

In case you missed it, Elliott has an intriguing story on some post-game comments made by one Kobe Bean Bryant.

When asked why the team seemed, in Bryant’s words “edgy” with its recent run of just-good-enough-to-win wins, Bryant said:

“We’ll beat the good teams,” Bryant said. “It’s Boston that’s our barometer. That’s the team that beat us. They’re the standard. They’re the benchmark. That’s the team that beat us, so that’s how it’s going to be.”

Consider the gauntlet thrown down.

Asked if it’s a championship or bust, Bryant said, “I’m cool with that. That’s better than, ‘Damn, I hope we make the playoffs.’ It’s exciting because you have an opportunity to win a championship. Having seen the other side of that, I’d much rather have this situation than the other one.”

The main culprit for the Lakers shaky victories of late has been some rather inconsistent defense. Lately, it tends to come and go on a whim.

How was the defense so good in the first week or two of the year and so unpredictable now?

Bryant attributed that to a lack of practice time during the season, to keep what is a relatively new scheme in tune.

“It’s just not having the time to work on it,” he said. “We had training camp and had a lot of practice days in between games so we had a lot of time to really brush up on it. But as the season goes on you play so many games you kind of lose that a little bit.”

Could the recent menu of sub-.500 teams the Lakers have been served have anything to do with the lack of consistency? In other words, are the Lakers playing down to their competition?

“No, that’s not an excuse. I appreciate it though,” Bryant joked with the questioning reporter. “We want to continue to sharpen the edge. We don’t have slip-ups.”

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  • JoshMyth

    Kobe Rules

  • jantiu05 – kb24-

    What’s wrong with the Lake Show lately? they’ve been so inconsistent and more sloppy as it is. Kobe is more relying on his teammates than to his own. Is something wrong with him? I’ve been a fan of Kobe since the day he was drafted but damn, there’s something wrong with the guy. his shot, his own and usual shots doesn’t go in, I know his not a perfect player missing those shots but men c’mon all of his stats going down like a landslide. Most specially his field goal percentage what is it? is it his age? is it the game plan of the Zen Master? is it his mangled pinky? or is it the pressure of playing the Celtics on 25th of December? damn, what is it? . . .

    If Kobe is still not being the Kobe as he is before they face the Celtics, you know what happens deja v of the last NBA Finals. Give me a reply if someone knows I really want to know what’s happening to my number one MVP on the planet.

  • Patrick Vega

    I agree. I watch all the lakers games and it seems that something really is wrong with Kobe. I’m not ready to jump to anything such as a “mangled pinkie” or pressure from the defending champs, or even a rediculous argument of old age. Kobe is thirty years old. Of course we will probably never see another season where he averages above thirty five a game, but Kobe is still in his prime. He’s got the golden years RIGHT NOW. He has the opportunity to win three or four more championships. I think he is just going through a slump. He’s trying to live up to the pressure of getting others involved that he’s nearly forgot that he’s the number one player on the planet. No one. And I mean NO ONE can stop him. Kobe and the Lakers will figure it out and by the end of the season they will have the best record in the league. The slump will end and the defense will come back and all roads lead to a rematch of the Lakers and Celtics.

  • TheTruth

    lakers blow anyway….ya’ll gonna get raped by the Celtics

  • tj

    The Truth???

    The truth is only an ingnorant cousin loving hick would use ya’ll and then apply getting raped about a basketball team.

    I do agree that Kobe has some tired leggs. A trip to the finals and to China for the olympics.

    But his shooting percentage is actually higher than his career average. His tired leggs are causing a slip in his 3 point percentage.

    All I want for Christmas is a dunk from Kobe on the so called truth/self proclaimed best player in league (Paul Pierce).

    By the way…Paul Pierce is a sell-out!!!

  • Anonymous

    Since when has ‘leg’ had 2 g’s?

    Pierce is a sell out? He’s been on the same time for his entire career. Clearly he went where the money is. After all, that is the meaning of a sell-out in today’s sports society. It was about time the front office brought in some players to defend the Celtic’s image.

  • pdubl

    Paul has been a Celtic. Nothing about last year made him more of one. If anything, Kobe is the sell out punk b—- that I never wanted him to be. Where the money is? Red would have done anything to keep Paul because he knew he was a winner. Any game the Celtics won since he has been there in some way shape or form was because of Paul’s presence in the Celtics organization. The last credible superstar in L.A. was the one to give him that name. The truth is he would do it again. Sasha is the biggest pu$$y and hangin with Pow and the laker girls aint helpin. Kobe is a princess. CUNIT

  • alfredo

    pudbl, as far as i remember “the last credible superstar in L.A” called Kobe the best player in the world some years ago (remember that back-to-back season?)
    Pierce arrogant pussy

  • j-head

    I think the problem with Kobe is that he’s trying to adjust to the new triangle offense that involves the best frontcourt in the league. When you’ve got 2 7-footers setting up in the lane, it doesn’t leave much room for Kobe to slash or post-up a la MJ. As a result he’s had to become more of a perimeter player from the get-go, which was never really his game.

    The other thing that’s detrimental to his performance has been putting Luke Walton into the starting lineup. I’ve never been a fan of Luke — he doesn’t shoot when he’s supposed to, which surprises the other players. Then, he only shoots when there’s no one else to shoot, which results in a low percentage shot that he usually misses. Vlade was a lot more predictable for the Lakers offense, so I don’t understand why Phil has decided to bench him. They were on cruise control with Vlade in the early part of the season.

    It sounds funny to say, but in the case of the Lakers I think too much talent might be a bad thing. Maybe they’ll figure it out as the season moves along, the way Boston’s Big 3 did in the playoffs against Detroit last year. While I understand the need to rest star players, I don’t think a 30 minute game for the 1st string is necessarily good for preparing the Lakers for adversity. Look at what all that rest did for Detroit in years past. As it is, too many talented players leads to a combination of complacency and blown assignments — the last game you could see Kobe and GAsol looking at each other and other players, like, “was I supposed to get Jefferson that time or you?” If Jackson’s going to keep playing the Triangle offense, I’d almost rather see the Lakers without one of their “Big 3.” As it is, guys like Rad, Sasha, and Lamar get underused and underappreciated, while Fluke is out there paralyzing all the excess of talent out there on the floor and Trevor is left to clean up the mess.

  • Anonymous

    why you kids can’t post your thoughts without childish name-calling and profanity? Some children might be reading those comments. You give basketball fans a bad name. Nobody is interested in your fanatical rantings. post something civilized or shut up!

  • Anonymous

    Excuse me Mr. Christian ass hole, but there’s no need to censor how people really feel. If “children” like yourself want to read this, then you can hear what people actually have to say.

    Anyway, the Lakers may be going through the worst part of their season right now, but they’re still winning. Second best record in the league is not bad behind the Boston cunts, who are only good because the league wanted them to be. And all you Celtic fans who are riding on the band wagon, don’t get used to it because come the 25th, LA will have the best record in the league.

  • Foosh

    Why are there so many Kobe haters?

    Are you that jealous? Just live with the fact he is that good. Vince Carter, LeBron James, Jason Kidd, all say that he has the fire in his game. Recognize his game is influenced by the Zen Master and Tex. Which means more money, more Rings. Tell me I’m wrong.


  • LakersIn2009

    The Lakers need to ship off fluke immediately. Im concerned with how fluke even got in the starting lineup were before he was getting maybe 5-10 minutes of garbage time. I would like to see Ariza taking the starting small forward to get some energy and lock down defense. As his game has improved in all areas and he is going to play hard every single night. With Vlad its hit or miss, and fluke Walton passes up every shot he should take and takes the shots he should pass. As for the Celtics, get cry-baby pierce, get him a tampon, he cries and flails like a little girl every time somebody puts a finger on him yet the Celtics are allowed to hack other teams.

  • Anonymous

    Kobe’s stats are down this season because his purpose in this new offense is merely the fact that he has to get their offense going. He has to go in the beginning of the game jacking up shots to get some momentum in the team, and the other time is when they need to close out teams(when they need momentum again). Quarters 2 & 3 are for the rest of the team, which leaves Kobe cold for basically 24 minutes.

  • Boston Sucks

    Another thing, the Celtics are plus 96 in free throw shooting this year, Pierce is the biggest whiner in the NBA, he never gets touched and hacks this shit out of people. Leave it up to Boston fags to bitch and complain every 20 seconds.

  • celticfansBLOW

    gay allen, paul pussy pierce and kevin garnett the mega sell out celtic dicc rider should all be burned in front of their families for their crimes against the lakers. LA ALLLLL day u punk pussy made buster keaton lookin goofy mags. i shit on u all if u talk smack bout the lakers YOU DIG? get some.

  • TJ

    Why are Boston fans even coming to this site???
    And where were they for the last 20 years when there team was horrible.

    Even our tough years with Nick the quick and Ced where better then half of there last 20 seasons.

    I guess they (Boston Fans) having nothing better to do with the horrible weather and all the jerks running around in the city.

    So I guess I wil enjoy the beautiful weather not to mention the georgous babies here in Manhattan Beach!!!

    Paul Pierce is a SELL OUT becuase he is a socal native who then went to Kansas and they to Boston and has no regard for his roots. I dont mind that he had to play for a non-LA franchise but have some class about your roots.

    Stay Classy Paul Pierce!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’d like to say that, Kobe Bryant is one of THE best players out in NBA now. And i believe i’m not the only one who thinks that. LeBron James, and many others, said IN camera that he believes kobe’s the best in the league right now, and he inspires him to play, and to be what he is now.

    And for anyone who didn’t know, many people are saying Kobe is a “ball hog” I have to say that’s a yes and no because I actually liked Kobe when he played for himself and won games and always knocked down more then 40 points a game. But since he’s older, means more knowledge and more considerance. You know Lakers is Saha Radmonovic Kobe Lamar Ariza, its not all Kobe. This year kobe’s going to make as much assist as he can, can’t you see the assist percentage for him this year? its amazing so he can actually knock down 36 points a game RIGHT NOW or 32 with about 8 assists or 6. You know he’s trying to be a good ccaptain and he really is. And i admit i miss kobe knocking down points like he used to and i really miss it. I personally think he’s the best NBA player ever. But i believe he’s in a inconvinient situation right now, but i can’t put my finger on it. Heh, i wish Kobe were reading this boy i’d be glad. I wouldn’t blame Kobe also. I was cheering and watching the last playoffs with LA vs. Boston and i really wanted LA to win, but kove was trying. If he could knock down some serious points if it was in a real and no joke situation like the playoffs, wouldn’t hurt to put put 40 points or more, but i believe he’s petrified. I hope all of you read this, and reply.








  • fair weather fan says:

    It is so great to be a Boston fan these days. I have been cheering for the Celtics every day and I always new they were the best.

    So sorry Laker fans, the lakers have been horrible for a long time…oh wait did they 3-peat in this decade.

    Well at least the Celtics barley ever have a poor product…oh wait we have been more terrible then those green jerseys since Larry legend retired.

    Well at least we had the best looking and best basketball actor. hmmm….Rick Fox did he suit up in the yellow and gold.

    Speaking of movies…I dont see any stellar movies made about those Lakers… Celtic Pride Highley recomended!!!

    Well I tell you no Celtic would ever year a Laker jersey…Chris Mihm doesnt count.

    AND WE CERTAINLY DONT USE X-RELATIONSHIPS FROM PLAYERS OR PAST EXECS TO STEAL PAU GASOL…but thank you so much Kevin McHale for destroying your own franchise in the honor of Celtic pride.

  • Anonymous

    the past few yrs, ive seen kobe make some amazing shots, fade aways, jumpers…all that jazz. but yea, this season im not sure what’s happening. lebron has always been, and will always be my favorite, and i hope he gets MVP, but its sad to see an amazing player like kobe begin to lose it. it’s not china, because lebron was there right with him in the olympics. i think kobe is getting a little old, and the weight of last years championships still hang on his shoulders. last year was kobe’s season, and i think from here on out, it’s about the younger players (lebron, wade, dwight, chris paul).

  • Anonymous

    I think Kobe’s just going through a slump right now. All NBA players go through slumps, all of them. I think Kobe will get back to his rhythm in a couple of weeks.
    Offtopic: I don’t know why Vlad Radmonovic got benched. He was playing pretty good. And he did have some cool shades he wore when playing. I don’t agree with Luke Walton taking his place. I think Lamar Odom should. Last year he played really well in the starting lineup, especially when Gasol got here.
    And Paul Pierce is such a drama queen. I remember last year in the finals when he got an “injury” and it looked horrible and he had to go in the locker room. 30 mins later he comes back out in nearly perfect condition and hits a couple of 3’s and the crowd goes crazy. Drama queen.

  • Anonymous

    kobe Byrant is the best player in the league of the last ten years no question in my mind (altough Lebron may take ome major strides at him as the years progress),and I can openly admit this as a Celtics fan for years.

    But there is no way anyone has the right to discredit what the Celtics are doing with accusations like “they are only good becasue the league wanted them to be” or any of that nonsense, they are a great defensive team and have surprisingly fantastic chemisty especially with their starters. As for accusations into their so called “cheap” defensive plays, there isn’t a single team in the NBA that couldn’t be revealed as to having the same type of plays committed by them just as often, thats the way the game is and only ignorant fans who do not understand the game can attempt to discredit what the Celtics have done for cheap reasons.

    Kobe will be back in form soon, but the Celtics will edge out the Lakers on the 25th as well as in the final games of this season, case closed.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s not get carried away now, please. We have to look at this from an objective perspective and realize that both the Celtics and the Lakers are amazing basketball teams. Nobody can know who’s going to win the 25th, because nobody here can see into the future. Personally, I say Lakers all the way, but hey, I’m a Lakers fan. Celtics fans are going to say that the Celtics will win, but none of us can really know what the outcome will be until the game is played. So, instead of throwing stones at each other, why not discuss some actual basketball subjects. You know it really pisses me off when people try to make claims in such ignorant ways, it just screams “incompetence.” Be civil & make constructive criticisms, or pick up a book and read because the only thing that some of you are proving is the depth of your own shortcomings.

    On another note, Kobe looks as though he is about to spark a run of 35+ point games, or even higher, and I think the intense competition in this next road trip is going to be a good wake-up call. Lamar is obviously going to be getting even more playing time after a great show yesterday against New York, along with Trevor for such outstanding defensive play and for his awesome hustle.

    It seems to me also that Phil is punishing Rad for something, because there is no excuse for starting Luke. I think Luke is a good player with good hustle, and should be playing more minutes than he was before, but Vladi is always a deep threat on the perimeter that spaces the floor sufficiently to give Kobe the room he needs, and he has been doing a decent job so far. Soon enough Phil will figure out how he wants the rotation, and when that happens this team is going to be UNSTOPPABLE.

    As for Christmas, that’s going to be an exciting game! LAKERS ALL THE WAY!

  • Anonymous

    Boston is a great team. The REAL TRUTH is not Paul Pierce. Its Rajon Rondo. He is playing very well. KG is holding down the defensive anchor and the younger players and roll players are stepping up.

    Boston and Boston only scares me. They do after all have 3 likley hall-of-famers.

    With all the talk of Kobe slipping, I think is unfounded. He has nearly 7 guys on his team averaging 10 points. He does not need to score 35. He is meshing well with the team and lets be honest he is 30 years old.

    Since when is being 4th in scoring such a bad thing. The days of droping 81 are done. And besides that is a high standard.

    True, we entering the later years of #24. But hell, Kobe is a world class athlete and look at Steve Nash did after 30. Kobe has a great work ethic and he will score 30k points in the NBA. He will always have his mid-range shot to fall back on.

    We have about a 5 year window were the lakers can be in contention for the title. Bynam will fase in while Kobe rides off into the hall of fame.

    I Love the Lakers. I believe in the Lakers. And in Kobe I trust.

    This will be a return to glory.

  • asian kobe

    hey u rockets n lakers fans get this oh! PR’s get sum of dis action/comment/reality trade yao to da lakers and quit wastin his time in houston which will never win a championship w/o kobe so obvious trade t-mac or leave him and trade yao to kobe in LA…..punks/hatrs…

    is labron good or trash why does he score 40 pts. for 4 games strait so he is a ball hog. right!!
    what bout iverson everybody once love…ball hog… not!!
    i’ll take iverson anyday…
    so why do people hate on kobe when he does the same thing as d-wade, iverson, t-mac, labron, arenas, or anybody else in da leaque..u fr eakin hatrs..something i not allowed to repeat…

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, what are you trying to say? Did you have a point to make or were you just talking to hear your lips flap together? Please say that again, and make a little sense of it this time.