About the shoes

Kobe Bryant is set to debut his new eyebrow-raising low-top shoes tonight against the Miami Heat. Trevor Ariza will also don a pair.

Kobe will actually be wearing a pair of limited edition version of his new Kobe IV called the “Venom.” His nickname is Mamba, get the reference?

There were only 48 pairs of Venoms made for sale. 24 went on sale in Miami today, 12 on his website kb24.com and 12 at a shoe store in Los Angeles.

Trevor Ariza is wearing a regular version of the new Kobe IV.

Kobe will also be wearing a special red bracelet made for him by a woman named Brenda Klopfstein, who suffers from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Kobe met Brenda after the Lakers game against the Knicks on Tuesday. The meeting was facilitated by the Dream Foundation.

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