Luke Walton: “From DNP to PT”

Luke Walton posted a new blog entry over on in which he discusses the wide range of emotions that went through high during his mini stint at the end of the Lakers bench at the start of the season.

“How does it feel to be playing again? Well, let’s just say the food tastes a little better, the weather is a little nicer and the L.A. freeway traffic isn’t so bad after all,” he writes.

“Are you kidding? I’m having a blast out there playing again. It’s why you dedicate the countless hours of practice, physical and mental preparation along with conditioning because you never know when you will receive the call to action.

“I was definitely surprised when Phil told me I was starting against the Suns last week. I didn’t even see it coming.”

He also discusses his relationship with Vladimir Radmanovic, who essentially traded places with him and now finds himself at the end of the bench.

“There isn’t any awkwardness between us,” Walton writes. “Vlade and I are very close. Who plays and doesn’t play is not our decision. When Vlade was playing instead of me, I wasn’t mad at him. We all want to play. If the coach is playing him, I’m on the bench cheering for him, hoping he’s making his shots, and excited for him when he’s plays a good game and vice versa.”

He also offers some thoughts on the Lakers upcoming Christmas Day game against the Celtics, and admits that the Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers are “playing better than us right now.”

“Even though we feel like we have the deepest and most talented team in the NBA, at 21-3, we’re not fooled by our record,” Walton writes. “We know Boston and Cleveland are playing better than us right now. We know that our defense has to get a lot better and a lot more consistent if we’re going to have an opportunity to reach the Finals and win it.

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  • Rundee

    The Lakers should be the best team in the NBA. Look at the line-up. There are only two guys I’m not impressed, Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher. Odom should have been traded for Ron Artest. He’s been in the league quite long and still plays the same pattern (Circus). Plays good in one game and lousy the next three. He doesn’t play enough defense. Derek Fisher shoud not have been resurrected from being a reliever with Utah. Yes, he love to bang bodies but doesn’t stopped anybody. Against the top point guards in the league he looks like an old rookie. I think he has no business as a first five player. Another problem is the coach. Being paid the highest in the NBA, he should be ashamed of his performance. They’re winning but not convincingly to lowly teams. How in the world that this team doesn’t play defense under his direction? It’s just so frustrating watching this team collapse that usually start toward the end of the third quarter. I mean most of these players have been together at least three years. Everybody is anticipating for the Lakers to face the Celtics in the Championship. Look, Doc Rivers transformed Rondo into an all star caliber player, how can Phil can’t trasformed Jordan Farmar the same way? Instead of benching him give him more time. Unless the Lakers change coach we could not win anymore championship.