Change of scenery

The weather here in Memphis, like the shocking turn of events for the Lakers in the previous two games, was bracing and biting.

So instead of a day spent indoors re-hashing how the last two games have gotten away from them, or bundling up in the 28-degree air, walking in and around Memphis, Phil Jackson had his team come down to the FedEx Forum for a quick practice Sunday afternoon.

Normally, on an off-day after a back-to-back, Jackson might’ve given the team a day off. But this was no normal off-day. Not after the Lakers dropped back-to-back games for the first time this season.

“I’ve been talking to the guys about playing with more enthusiasm and more energy,” Jackson said. “I think I’ve been reiterating that for a while. So we’ve been talking about that, trying to get these guys to liven up a little bit.”

In other words, with an offense gone stagnant, and a defense still figuring itself out, doing something was better than standing still.

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