New Year’s Resolutions

Kobe Bryant: “It’s always (good) health.”

Derek Fisher: “I try not to do (resolutions) just because anything you try starting Jan. 1, you could have been doing already. I just think we should all reflect on 2008 and what all has been accomplished. Guys should stop and think how far we have come from December of last year to December of this year. And think about how much farther ahead we want to be a year from now.”

Pau Gasol: “Hopefully, getting that (championship) ring would be wonderful.”

Phil Jackson: “No, I stay away from that. New Year’s Eve is amateur night and New Year’s resolutions are for fools.”

Lamar Odom: “Just to be consistent in everything I do in life.”

Sasha Vujacic: “The only thing I can think of in 2009 that would make me happy, health and happiness aside, is a championship. That’s no secret.”

This is probably the final post for 2008, so it’s a good time to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2009. Thanks for visiting and posting your comments. Peace.

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  • Los Angeles Lakers

    I just want to wish all the Lakers and all fellow Lakers fans a very Happy 2009!

  • Happy New Year to all the Lakers and good luck on your games this year!

    The Lakers are now the top team in the NBA with the Celtics struggling against the best offensive teams in the league. They have already lost to 4 of the top 7 offensive teams in the NBA. And they might be losing to the remaining 3 of them this month.