Kobe Bryant not in a great mood

Kobe Bryant fouled out at the end of the first overtime in the Lakers 117-110 double-overtime loss to the Bobcats, so he had quite of bit of time on the bench to reflect on how the Bobcats were able to take it to the Lakers, once again.

Still, by the time he emerged from the Lakers locker room around 11:15 p.m., he hadn’t cooled off much at all.

The following is the full one minute, 57 second Q&A session we had with him. I think the last quote is most telling, since it’s basically a way of saying the Lakers lacked energy and hustle on Tuesday.

Q: Was this loss more about not coming up with stops, or key baskets?
A: It’s always stops

Q: Why do you guys have a propensity to give up a three when a three is the only thing that can kill you?

A: We’ve just got learn from our mistakes.

Q: On that sixth foul, were you more disappointed in yourself or the actual call?
A: I don’t know, doesn’t matter

Q: When you were sitting on the sidelines, what positives did you see with your team?
A: None, we lost.

Q: On being animated when Lamar was late on the rotation that allowed Diaw to hit a game-tying 3-pointer. Was that anger at Lamar, or frustration at game being tied?

A: Diaw made a big shot

Q: What do you have to get right before Friday to avoid getting knocked off there?
A: We just need to play better. We’re looking forward to this trip, just got to go out there and play solid basketball, see if we can’t beat them.

Q: Why does Charlotte give you so much trouble?
A: They give a lot of teams a hard time, a lot of top teams. They play extremely well

Q: How hard was it to be on the bench for that second overtime?
A: It was tough

Q: What was going through your head when you were on the bench?
A: Just try to point out some things that I may see out there during the course of the game. Try to help them out.

Q: So more coaching and less Ronny Turiaf?
A: There was nothing Ronny Turiaf about tonight.

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  • lkrs09chmps

    Even after that entire story LBJ still isnt better than KB24….shoot…he aint even better than DW…..like a famous quote put it LBJ is an unstoppable force and KB24 is an unmovable object….they both cant hurt each other statisically speaking…kobe is at 3rd gear of his MVP performance and there is no denying that LBJ is at his peak…he cant go any hire he has no jumpshot he needs Mo Williams to hit them for him….Kobe needs NO ONE he was let down last night by the officials with a bogus foul out….and defensively AGAIN the lakers WERE HORRIBLE…..what does Phil have to do to teach these guys how to play better defensively….c’mon guys you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT GIVE UP A THREE FOR A TWO….twice is over a week lakers has made bad plays….kobe has every right to be PISSED OFF… he did it all for his team all they have to do is play defense and they just cant seem to do that consistently….

  • lkersuck

    What does this hav to do with LBJ to begin with, you retard? lol
    Kobe’s a little child, when his teams playing well, its because of him and when ther playing like crap, its lamar’s fault lmao
    And to ur point about LBJ being at his peak, ur right about him not having a jumpshot, but just like all great players in the past, he will develop it. And when he does, he will be absolutely unstoppable.

  • hi

  • Lynn

    Kobe cries if he dosen’t have an all-star at every position to help him out. Lebron takes a buch of trash cans-minus two starters- and still beats everyone.Have Kobe and Lebron trade teams and watch how Kobe would cry and Cleve. would fade.

  • fukobehaters

    so many haters here you would think this is an espn article getting commented. kobe haters coming all the way over to a lakers page to talk shit about him. you guys are haters in every sense of the word

  • Dale Ford

    Kobe has all stars at no positions. most of his teammates are 24 and younger. Gasol was an all star ONCE..Speak facts. kobe also shot over 50% and had 39 pts before that nonsense call. He smashed lebron with bad finger, hell do it again in feb. LBJ is the 2nd best player in the NBA..

  • Dude seriously all of you are all STUPID!!KOBE is seriously the best now ok just deal with it..no of course hes not JORDAN but he’ll probably be the closest to ever get there honestly.Yes LeBron is flippin amazing too but not better than KOBE and that is the serious truth sorry LeBron fans truth hurts.

  • T3FF


  • lebron has been in the league for quite sometime now, how could you say that he’d be able to develop a jumpshot? none of lebron’s moves are similar to michael jordan’s… NONE!! i love watching kobe and lebron, but they play different to be compared in all aspects as some of u say.. kobe is the only player comparable to michael, (kobe has better skills but michael is more successful) lebron is comparable to nobody… overall, kobe is still steps or a step ahead on lebron.. but who knows, after all is said and done that’s just the time we can all conclude who played better… let’s just be thankful that there are players like them who are such a joy to watch… peace!

  • mike

    the fact that you guys have to defend kobe and try to argue hes better than lebron after an article that had nothing to do with lebron speaks volumes. yea kobe can shoot better than lebron but what else? by the way lebron has a higher fg%. having a better shot is one thing, but taking smarter shots is another.

  • Don

    ” mike said:
    the fact that you guys have to defend kobe and try to argue hes better than lebron after an article that had nothing to do with lebron speaks volumes. yea kobe can shoot better than lebron but what else? by the way lebron has a higher fg%. having a better shot is one thing, but taking smarter shots is another.”

    The reason why he has a better FG percentage is because majority of his points are done in the paint. Look at Shaq and majority of all the centers that play in the front court. Their about subpar 50% FG give or take a few. That is all Lebron can do. He’s all about the highlight reel. Nothing more. Plain and simple.

    LBJ vs Kobe? You saw what a handicap kobe did to him. 2 dislcoated fingers and a cut on his eye. Please don’t start.

  • mike

    “The reason why he has a better FG percentage is because majority of his points are done in the paint.”

    Thats exactly why i said “having a better shot is one thing, TAKING SMARTER SHOTS IS ANOTHER” why settle for a jumpshot when you can get a layup? thats just smart basketball.

    “That is all Lebron can do” you lost ALL credibility with that statement.
    PPG 27.9
    RPG 7.5
    APG 7.0
    basketball is more than jumpshots. and you didnt answer my question: other than shooting, what is kobe better than lebron at?

  • Lynn

    Hey Dale, that stuff you are smoking is obviously taking its toll on you.Don’t talk about what Kobe did to Lebron in one game when Lebron has beaten Kobe’s ass 5 out of the last 7 head-to-head match ups.Your nonsense call? Please, only the Lakers can lose to the lowly Bobcats 5 out of the last 6 times they played and if the pathetic Bobcats make one free throw out of 7 down the stretch in regulation there is no overtime. Don’t quote Kobe’s shooting % for one game, he shoots 45% for his career which would be a lot higher if so many of his low percentage shots weren’t taken in the first place.Facts spoken.

  • arlow

    People who say kobe cant lead a team need to stfu. He led a team with smush parker and kwame brown as starters to the playoffs in the west!!! do you how ridiculously unbelieveble that is. Stupid motherfuckers who say kobe cries can suck it.

  • asif

    Kobe isn’t even trying and he is 3rd in the ppg stats overall. watch the other half of the season. Wait till kobe starts playing like kobe. No LBJ or DW or KG can stop him or the lakers.

  • Anonymous

    Lebron is young. Michael Jordan started play his real game just when he was mature. Kobe cant win a ring without Shaq. I like Jobe because he makes me remember some Jordan plays and stuff, I mean, Kobe is just a very good player who wants to play like Mike. I am sure that Lebron will do things that will make you feel ‘ WOW!!!!!’
    Do you remember Lebron dunk against KG? Lets see what Lebron will do in this playoffs!!!! Im looking forward to.

  • amitttyyyy

    wowwwww lots of kobe haters and lebron haters. okayy. kobe is a ALL AROND PLAYER. lebron is not. lebron needs to work on his jump shots. he needs to learn to pass better. so as far as i see, the better all around player is going to be the MVP. and right now if i get to vote……. kobe can can count on my vote (:
    pssss…. yeahhh IM A KOBE FANNN!! šŸ˜‰