Lakers fall in marathon

The Lakers lost to the Charlotte Bobcats, 117-110, in double overtime, which might be the least of their concerns when they leave Thursday to begin a six-game trip. After all, they might be without Trevor Ariza, who suffered a concussion when he ran into Charlotte’s Juwan Howard in the second quarter. They also might be without Andrew Bynum, who sent the Bobcats’ Gerald Wallace to the hospital with a possible broken rib.

Ariza was nauseated and dizzy, according to Lakers coach Phil Jackson. It was unclear whether Ariza would be fit to play Friday against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the first stop on the Lakers’ longest trip to date. He was hurt in the opening minute of the second quarter and continued to play for several minutes before heading to the locker room.

Bynum could be suspended for his hit on a driving Wallace, who crashed heavily to the court and had to be helped to the Bobcats’ locker room. Bynum was given a flagrant foul on the play, which happened with 2:08 left in regulation. Wallace was taken by stretcher from the arena and transported to a local hospital for further tests.

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  • G

    I’ve noticed that the Lakers are very popular for the fan night. Could it be a conspiracy by the NBA, NBATV, and Refs to make sure that the Lakers are loosing games to get fans and others to stop voting the Lakers in for fan night? There seem to be a pattern on Tuesdays for not winning games. I think the NBA want so badly for Lebron James to be the “man” of the NBA that they would do anything to see him succeed.

    Also, do you see a pattern of Lebron imitiating Kobe? When Kobe had a triple double and Bynum had 43 or so points, the Lakers were all over the news. Next games Lebron have a triple and Mo Williams had 43 points, see the pattern? If Kobe name is mentioned too many times as the MVP or best player Lebron seem to take it to the next level, watch the pattern.

  • Young Bombay

    Honestly, as a Laker fan and fan of the NBA in general, the reason that “G” gave for Lebron “imitating” Kobe had to be the dumbest thing that I have EVER read….EVER.