Postcard from New York

NEW YORK — Welcome, from the greatest city in the world, home to more people per square inch than any other city in the United States. There were eight million people in the taxi on the way to my hotel this afternoon. Believe it or not, there are quiet spots in New York City. Central Park is nice anytime of the year, but my personal favorite is Bryant Park, located just behind the New York Public Library and not far from Times Square. Best people watching spot when the weather is nice. Grand Central Station is my alternate favorite on a cold, rainy or snowy day. It’s not cold, rainy or snowy today. Madison Square Garden is pretty darn quiet, too, as the Knicks stumble toward another mediocre season. Today is Super Bowl Sunday, which means it’s possible to get a good table for dinner at any restaurant that doesn’t have the game blaring from a dozen televisions. Anyway, the Lakers’ six-game trip reaches its midpoint Monday.

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