Reaction to the Morrison trade

I’ve had a few conversations with front office types around the league in the wake of the Lakers trade for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown yesterday, and a couple reactions surprised me.

First off, the general thought was that Morrison might not be here very deep into next season unless he shows some tremendous upside. And even if he does, all the better, because his expiring contract would hold that much more value.

Also, Shannon Brown is no throw-in. One Western Conference executive said that he thought, right now, Brown was better than Morrison and would help the Lakers more.

“He’s more athletic, he’s quicker and he’s a better defender,” the executive said. “I think Shannon Brown is going to help them more than Adam Morrison because he can guard faster players.”

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  • Anonymous

    I think this trade works because of brown, not morrison.

    But, here’s a thought – This may be a far fetch idea but can the Lakers be setting up another trade scenario: maybe a tandem of odom, vujacic, morrison for amare??? Moving Pau to 5 , while bynum is away (indefinitely)

    Here’s my reasoning:
    – with vlad gone that created cap room, moving odom adds to that room, enough to fit amare
    – with brown in the mix, he is faster and can defend better than sasha
    – morrison? let’s face it, MJ just wanted to dump another one of his brilliant 1st rd picks on someone, we all know how kwame panned out

    I know it sound crazy but with the lakers needing a big and a strong forcce inside to show more toughness who knows, hey steve kerr what do you think, I know you wanted an expiring contract, a young and a filler – does this fit your bill?

  • Josh

    ehhh i think that the stoudamire idea blows. what happens when bynum returns and we have gasol in the mix too. There isnt enough space game time available to satisfy all three. Amare’s attitude is wayyy to negative to be a bench player, gasol and bynum are both too good to be bench players.

    I think the team will stay as is – the trade itself does nothing for me, except add a little more depth in the event that one of our guards goes down injured.

  • ryan

    the trade might be good for lakers but really bad for suns. suns wanted young players for the future. sasha and morison isnt good enough for steve kerr to pull the trigger. kerr would only trade unless he gets someone who can average 20 10 for the future.

  • Basketball

    maybe lakers think bring back O’NEAL???for Koby
    Vlad was the best player in Lakers…..