Radmanovic apparently thrilled to be in Charlotte

I know, this one caught me by surprise too. But Vlad Radmanovic is apparently thrilled to be in Charlotte.

Not so much for the cities’ southern comforts, but for the chance to get out from under Phil Jackson’s thumb it seems.

“Here I’ll do what I do best. Being a Laker was a great experience, but it was also frustrating not knowing when and how I’d play,” Radmanovic told the Charlotte Observer on Sunday.

“Phil’s system, great as it is, doesn’t give a role player much opportunity. For Kobe Bryant, it’s great. For Paul Gasol, it’s great. But role players don’t do much.”

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  • sep2010

    I really like vlad-rad, but I love the Lakers. This is a great trade. Why keep someone who you’re paying so much for when he’s just sitting on the bench. We get 2 players that can possibly be big contributors and if anything we save some salary space to re-sign players like Odom and Ariza

  • jack

    maybe if he showed up to practice on time, and didn’t break his arm snow boarding and breaking his agreement, he would have played more

  • BruinFBBB

    Nope. Production is all that matters. If he was putting the ball through the basket he would still be a Laker.

  • Travis

    Vlad is trying to make it sound like he is thrilled. Of course he isn’t. The Bobcats have a losing record. I doubt that Radmanovic likes playing on a losing team. He is trying to sound tough when he is not. He is trying to act like a cool cat but he is not.

  • OCLakers

    I was so happy to hear Kwame Radmanovic was traded. I know Jackson was pleased!!

  • Pascal

    I’m so happy that Vlad is thrilled to be in Charlotte! lol With the Lakers he makes 1 3 point shot and 5 turnovers a game! Let’s not talk about that great D that he brings to the table. Good Luck Vlad glad your gone!