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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Lakers held a lengthy practice today. Actually, it was of fairly normal length if they had been at home in El Segundo. But things tend to move faster on the road. The Lakers tend to get it over with quickly when they are out of town. They had a video session for 90 minutes today and then practice for another 90 or so.

Kobe Bryant practiced with his teammates, but was still feeling crummy from an upset stomach that began to bother him before Sunday’s game in Atlanta. He expects to play Tuesday against the Charlotte Bobcats. He told reporters to stay away because he didn’t want them getting the same bug.

Adam Morrison offered a few tips to his new teammates about his old teammates. The Lakers acquired Morrison and Shannon Brown from the Bobcats for Vladimir Radmanovic on Feb. 7. Morrison and Brown have played limited minutes for the Lakers. Radmanovic has made one start in 23 games with Charlotte.

Charlotte leads the all-time series against the Lakers, 5-4. Why?

“When I was with the Bobcats, I always thought that we matched up well with them,” Morrison said. “I think we were always a little more athletic. It was one of those deals where we were never a playoff team, so this was like our playoff game. Going to L.A. or them coming here, you knew there was going to be a big crowd. I think we just played up to it. This year, they’re almost in the playoffs. They’re one game out. They’re a better team. They’re playing well. They’re not a bad team at all. Basically, (the Bobcats) just outplayed them most of the time.”

As of this morning, the Bobcats (33-40) were in ninth place in the Eastern Conference standings, two games behind the eighth-place Chicago Bulls. The top eight teams make the playoffs.