Phil Jackson suggests Portland should be fined for pregame video

Lakers coach Phil Jackson didn’t make the trip to Portland for Friday’s loss to the Trail Blazers due to swelling in his right leg, but he saw enough on television to suggest Saturday afternoon that it was inappropriate for Portland to have shown video footage of the Trevor Ariza-Rudy Fernandez incident before the start of the game.

“That’s something that NBA clubs are not supposed to do,” Jackson said. “Showing that video before the game, that incites crowds. Portland took a big risk doing that there, that’s a fineable thing for the league.

“That’s something that they try to prevent in the spirit of good sportsmanship, but Portland has been like that. They created that situation. And I think Trevor was affected by it unfortunately.”

Before the game, the Trail Blazers showed a video montage of highlights from their last game (a 111-94 loss on March 9) against the Lakers. At the end of the video, the team showed footage of Ariza’s controversial foul on Fernandez. Ariza was assessed a flagrant foul, Fernandez went to the hospital, and Lamar Odom was suspended for a game because he left the bench area during the subsequent scuffle.

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