Winter update

Tex Winter, the Lakers’ special consultant and inventor of the triangle offense, remained hospitalized in Manhattan, Kan., today after suffering an apparent stroke Saturday. “They said just said he’s OK as far as resting and some of hisfaculties are coming back and he’s improving,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said when asked for an update on Winter, 87.Jackson also said Winter has had some difficulty moving the right side of his body and his speech hasn’t returned to normal, two typical aftereffects of a stroke.

Winter and Jackson began their association with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. They won six NBA championships with Michael Jordan leading the way on the floor. They were reunited when Jackson became the Lakers’ coach in 1999. They won three more titles with the Lakers to start this decade. Winter lives in Oregon, but visits the team periodically to offer counsel and criticism. Jackson said Saturday that Winter often refers to himself as an “insultant” rather than a consultant.