Kareem on Andrew

Pretty quiet day around Lakersland today. No formal practice, but a few players came in to work out and play 3-on-3. Andrew Bynum was one of them. He has a lot to work on after a disappointing showing in the Lakers’ opening-round playoff win over the Utah Jazz. Here’s assistant coach and Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Bynum:

“Andrew wants to excel, so he’s looking to dominate the game. Sometimes you have to be patient and allow that part of the game to happen. He’s figuring it out. I’m sure by the end of the playoffs, people won’t be talking about these issues.

“He’s very good at making adjustments. He saw that he didn’t play well and Lamar’s been doing a great job starting. It’s not like (Bynum) took a big step backwards. He had a few things he had to adjust to, and I think he’s seeing what that entails.”

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    After witnessing Drew’s poor body language after getting benched in favor of LO, I was really hoping for an intervention by Kareem. It appears I got my wish and he has gotten through to the youngster. I’m looking forward to Bynum having a break-out series in the second round. Go Lakers!