Derek Fisher ejected

Derek Fisher was just ejected from the game for committing a Flagrant 2 foul on Houston’s Luis Scola.

A flagrant foul 2 is unnecessary and excessive contact. This usually has a swinging motion, hard contact, and a follow through. A flagrant foul 2 also results in an ejection of the player committing the foul.

Fisher appeared to body check Scola as Scola came over to set a back pick. The collision left Scola on the floor and Fisher with a cut on his head. From my vantage point it appeared Fisher was trying to hit the much larger Scola before Scola hit him. It’s not clear if he mis-timed the hit or not. But clearly he was trying to dive into the impending impact to brace himself, rather than to initiate it.

All flagrant fouls are reviewed by the league and further punishment could follow. If I was guessing whether Fish would be suspended for Game 3, I’d put the chances at 40 percent.

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  • Jordan Pistacchio

    Derek Fisher committed an obvious foul on Luis Scola. After the skirmish between Scola and most of the Lakers’ team, they were seeking some revenge. I would disagree and say that Fisher’s chances of getting ejected are about 75%. From my view, he intended to hurt Scola. The NBA can’t and shouldn’t put up with any physical violence on or off the court. I would even slap a hefty fine on him as well just to get the point across.

  • Chase

    wat a pussy scola.
    get over its basketball
    u suck
    derek fisher is just a beast


  • allie

    Scola was running his mouth and being completely unsportsman-like the entire game. Fisher was defending his teammate after scola pulled odoms jersey down. Fisher wanted to hurt scola? Scola TRIED to hurt the entire lakers team the whole game. He’s stupid, you can’t touch the lakers, they’re the LAKERS. Scola is a bitch and bitches belong on the sidelines, not the court.



    Fish is such a classy player. He was just looking out for his time. Standing ovation.

  • Anonymous

    Vantage point? Have you ever seen a basketball game before? Scola was coming to set a pick, a routine paly, not to hit Fisher. Fisher assaulted him, an act that has no place in the game. A one game suspension is a gift. Maybe because Fisher generally has a good reputation. But he should be a man and admit he lost his composure.

  • Jordan Pistacchio

    Lakers suck! they depend solely on Kobe who is the world’s cockiest ball hog. If the Lakers are so untouchable, why is there series tied with Houston, another terrible team. Face it, Fisher screwed up and should’ve never laid a hand on another player. He had no right to commit such a flagrant foul. He needs to grow up and realise that basketball is a physical sport. Everyone gets fouled, its how you react that shows what kind of man you are. Obviously hes a pussy for taking such a cheap shot. The Laker’s will lose and the Cavs will take the championship led by a true basketball god, Lebron James, the best basketball player in the NBA. GO CAVS!!!! Lakers BLOW!

  • J*****

    Fish iis mii uncle so umm shut up

  • Bill

    Hello, Does anyone know some of the words used in Derek Fishers rallying talk to his team mates “This is what it’s about” Thank You, Bill