Fisher, in his own words

Derek Fisher filmed a video after practice, speaking directly to his fans, particularly young people, about the incident in Game 2 against the Rockets, that earned him a suspension for Game 3. It is posted on his website:

Here’s how Fisher describes the play with Scola:
“I’m looking up at the clock, because during last timeout we had talked about how we still have fouls to give, and i see we only have one team, and I know the Rockets are getting ready to run high screen and roll. So at that moment I’m thinking I’m gong to take a foul, no matter what. That’s the normal NBA strategy when the clock is running down. If you still have a foul to give when the clock’s running down, foul the guy before they’re in the act of shooting and make them take it out again.

“So at that moment I knew they were going to run a high screen and roll so I just started bracing myself for the guy that’s running up to set the screen. Once I saw him take off and start running, I just went running towards him first. But my force, I met him before he could get to me.

“Normally when the big guys come to set the screens, they come and knock you off and you have to react to them. So this time I was like, `I’m going to take a foul, I know we have a foul to give, I’m just going to run through the screen really hard.’

“But because I led with my arm, it made it appear that I really tried to level the guy out.

“I knew I was going to take a foul, but obviously didn’t intend, for sure not be ejected or just have it turn into the situation that it’s turned into.”

On the aftermath of the play:

“It’s unfortunate. I’ve never played basketball with a violent intent to harm or to physically injure other players on other teams. It’s just not my style. I try and play hard, I try and compete. I try and be physical on the floor. but I’m not an over-the-top kind of guy.

“Regardless of what’s decided, in terms of going forward, I just want people to know that. In particular young people. Seeing that play, when you watch the NBA, when you go and play out on the court, that’s not the part of the game that you want to emulate or take after as far as NBA guys. ”

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  • Travis

    Haha. Gotta love the fish. He completely murdered Scola. After that, I believe the Fish deserves MVP. That was the coolest play in the history of the world.