Game 4: Where Amazing Happens for the Rockets

Did anyone see this coming?

Yes, you knew there was a chance the Lakers would have a letdown with the news that Yao Ming was out for the rest of the year. But you also kinda thought Houston would have a letdown too, right?

Not even close.

The Rockets absolutely pummeled the Lakers in this one, in what has to be considered one of the Lakers most embarrassing losses in years. Anyone can have an off game, but for a team with designs on winning a championship, this was anything but encouraging.

It’s 90-71 Houston with 4:20 remaining and the only thing left to decide is just how big the final margin will be.

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  • TruBruin

    This team pisses me off to no end. It is so hard to love them like the Showtime Lakers. This current laker team does not have the heart of a champion. What they do have is the ability to play basketball like the Clippers when there is a perfect opportunity to step on a teams throat and put the game/series away. Prepare yourselves Laker fans, Phil and the boys wont be winning the title this year and LeBron is going to be like MJ once he gets a title under his belt……..impossible to beat!

  • Killa kick kilroy

    Laker fans, do not jump off the championship bandwagon just yet. THe champonship Celtic team last year looked very shaky on their way to the finals. They got pummled by a mediocre Atlanta Hawks team in the first round each time they were on the road. Every sports critic was saying that Allen, Garnett, and Pierce werent used to playing together in this playoff atmosphere, but as everyone knows they rose to the occasion when the chips were on the line.

    Likewise, this laker team has not been impressive during this current playoff run. THe play of the bench has been less than stellar, and the defensive unit has made NBA nobody’s into superstars. How do Aaron Brooks and Shane Battier score 57 points combined in an NBA playoff game?

    Still, this is one game, and any team will struggle to beat the Lakers four games. The rockets came out with emotion while the lakers thought they could put this series on cruise control.

    Although this hasnt been a storybook run, the lake show still managed to take back homecourt advantage despite not getting a stranglehold on this series. This could be a great day for laker fans. If the team needed a wake up call this is exactly what the team needs. Kobe is probably just itching to prove that this game was a fluke. HE is a great leader and the fact that this laker team will have faced adversity on the way to the finals will give them a leg up in a close series against the Cavailers. Everyone knew conquering the West would not be easy, and this is one hurdle of many the Lakers will have to clear before recieving the championship crown.