Buss among best owners; Sterling among worst

The fine folks from Sports Illustrated’s Website have put together a list of the best and worst owners in professional sports. Not surprisingly, Lakers owner Jerry Buss is among the five best owners and Clippers owner Donald T. Sterling is among the five worst. The criteria for judging included the team’s success or failure, willingness to spend money, stability and capability of the front office and management, amenities at the team’s venue, plus the club’s culture and interactivity with the fans.

SI.com further broke it down into sports.

Top 5 owners in the NBA: 1 Buss, 2. Peter Holt (San Antonio Spurs), 3. Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks), 4. Les Alexander (Houston Rockets), 5 Dan Gilbert (Cleveland Cavaliers).

Worst 5: 1. Sterling, 2. Cablevision/James Dolan (New York Knicks), 3. Michael Heisley (Memphis Grizzlies), 4. Chris Cohan (Golden State Warriors), 5. Johnson/Jordan (Charlotte Bobcats).

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