Cliffs notes from David Stern’s presser

NBA commissioner David Stern met with the media here in Houston before Game 6 and had some interesting comments. Among them:

— Stern said he was disappointed in the league’s “non-action” in the Mark Cuban-Kenyon Martin affair and said he’d be suggesting some changes in the offseason, particularly in regard to arena security. Stern also said that he had called Cuban and asked him to “reach out” to Martin’s family and help resolve the situation, which he said he thought had happened.

— Stern admitted that the referees are “human” in the way they may or may not have called flagrant fouls on Ron Artest. “I don’t know that it’s profiling, but I understand where Ron is coming from.”

— As for the run on flagrant fouls and ejections in this postseason, Stern said we’d better get used to it. There will be no return to the Bad Boy days. “No, no a thousand times no. … We’re not going back on my watch, that’s from another time.”

— He mentioned that broadcasters could do a better job of explaining the rules to the television audience. But in terms of players and coach’s understanding the way the rules will be enforced, he said they will learn with time. But he thinks it’s very important to protect the safety of players.

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