Game 7: `To be or not to be’

Relatively short practice this morning because of the early tip time for Sunday’s Game 7, but the somber mood that descended upon the Lakers training facility after the Game 6 loss in Houston seemed to have lifted Saturday.

Game 7 is here, the first Game 7 since 2002, and the guys all seemed excited about it.

Yes, the season could end unbelievably early if they lose, but my impression from talking to the team today was that they were relaxed and excited, not tight and nervous. Just my impression.

Here’s a quote from Sasha Vujacic, who quotes Shakespeare, in making his point. Who knew Hamlet had been translated into Slovenian?

“I think it’s a good challenge for us. It’s “To Be or Not To Be,” like Shakespeare said.

“We’ve got to deliver the first punch, we can’t let them get going because the last six games whoever won the first quarter won the game. We’ve got to know that, we’ve got to change our mentality from the beginning.

“As a basketball player you have to love the pressure because that’s what it’s all about. you can’t be scared at all.”

As he was talking to reporters, Luke Walton ran by and let out a loud scream as he entered the weight room.

“See, as you can see, my teammates and I are excited,” Vujacic joked.

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