Western Conference finals schedule (updated)

I have held off posting this because it was unclear which Lakers team would show up for Game 7 on Sunday. But after today’s practice and media session, I have to think the good Lakers will come to play and the bad Lakers will stay home. Anyone who has seen the team play the last three games against the Houston Rockets knows what I’m talking about. I’m not much on predictions. I always cringe when a boss asks me to print one. But here goes: the Lakers will win Sunday and advance to play the Denver Rockets.

(Update: Rockets, Nuggets, Broncos, Avalanche, Coors… whatever).

Here’s the Western Conference finals schedule:

Game 1, Tuesday at Staples Center, 6 p.m., ESPN.
Game 2, Thursday at Staples Center, 6 p.m., ESPN.
Game 3, Saturday at Denver, 5:30 p.m., Channel 7.
Game 4, May 25 at Denver, 6 p.m., ESPN.
Game 5 (if necessary), May 27 at Staples Center, 6 p.m., ESPN.
Game 6 (if necessary), May 29 at Denver, 6 p.m., ESPN.
Game 7 (if necessary), May 31 at Staples Center, 5:30 p.m., Channel 7.

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  • Bouch

    You mean the Nuggets moron?

  • wendy

    i think you mean denver nuggets

  • Fitzgerald

    I think you mean the Nuggets, you silly son of a gun. And the Rockets rocked the Lakers in game 6 without several key players.