Bulletin board material?

Denver coach George Karl said Sunday that the first three games of the series were so close, viewers at home watching without a scoreboard, may not have been able to tell who won the game.

“If you didn’t have a scoreboard, took all three games and put them out there and say who won, I don’t know, I think most people it would be a tossup,” Karl said.

Then he went quite a bit further.

“People would say I think Denver played better,” Karl said. “If you saw it again, what I’m saying don’t put a scoreboard on, just watch the games, I think you would think we were a better team.”

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  • Travis

    Except there was a scoreboard. This is the NBA play-offs. I think if they saw the Lakers drilling three’s, and then scoring more near the end, and they got more rebounds which Pau Gasol tipped in. I do not think I’m the only one who has this opinion.

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