Sunday practice report

There were a lot of weary looking Lakers on the Pepsi Center court Sunday morning. This series, this season, has clearly taken a toll on them.

But as Pau Gasol said, “It’s definitely easier to recover when you win. You just have to keep your mindset aggressive and realize that if we win tommorrow we’re going to have a huge advantage in this series and hopefully we’ll be able to take it.”

Kobe Bryant said he took an IV yesterday after the game, then went straight to bed and slept until the team meeting at 10:30 a.m. When we chatted at practice, he again had a water bottle in his hand. He grabbed a seat along the courtside in order to rest his legs…

“My wife called me and said, `Man, you look like (crap), Get some sleep man,’ ” Bryant joked. “I didn’t eat no breakfast or nothing. I just got home and slept until the meeting this morning. Brutal.”

Like Gasol though. Bryant seemed determined to find the energy to try and take Game 4 here tommorrow night.

“We’ve got two more series. We’ve just got to get through it,” he said. “There’s two more series. We can be tired in August.”

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