More nutty referee stuff

An anonymous Denver Nuggets player claimed the Lakers paid $50,000 to win Game 5 of the Western Conference finals Wednesday night at Staples Center. He did not reveal who received the money or who wrote the check. Or, whether it was in cash.

The implication was clear, however.

The Nugget believed the referees were paid to call the game in the Lakers’ favor, a charge the Lakers dismissed Thursday. The Nuggets were whistled for 30 fouls compared to 22 for the Lakers. Denver shot 30 free throws, and the Lakers shot 35.

“The Lakers paid $50,000 to win that game. They got their money’s worth,” a Nugget told the Denver Post newspaper after Game 5, not wishing to be identified for fear of receiving a fine from the league.

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  • Anonymous

    Umm… that’s not what the anonymous player means. Phill Jackson and the Lakers were each fined $25,000 for remarks he made about the officiating in the previous press conference. That’s a combined $50,000. He is saying that his comments affected the calls in game 5 and it only cost $50,000. Bueller?

  • Deesnuts

    Elliot, you really missed the mark on this one. That’s not at all what he was implying.

  • Dionnefan

    Dear Nuggets, how much did the Lakers pay you to shoot those bricks and make those sloppy passes during their 3rd/4th quarter run?

    Unless you expect the refs to start shooting for you, I wouldn’t whine. Your pathetic play cost you the game, not the refs!

    Maybe you guys should have saved all that energy expended doing the FUNKY CHICKEN for oh, I don’t know PLAYING THE GAME.


    I hate fake thugs like these NBA guys. I GOT A SOLUTION FOR BUD SELIG TO FIX THESE PRE-MADDONA NBA GUYS THAT WHINE FOR EVERY CALL AND PRETEND LIKE THEY WANNA FIGHT AFTER EVERY HARD FOUL/CHEAP SHOT… LET THEM FIGHT!!! Do it like hockey man and let them fight then shake hands after the game. That is true sportsmanship right there. Once this happens, I bet you all these babies will stop crying to/about the refs and stop pretending like they’re hard.